Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Treasures of the Anglo Saxons

Just watched a fascinating account of Anglo Saxons' contribution to English art history. Utterly riveting. I have never seriously deconstructed how history programmes on TV deliver the content effectively (or not), but after reading this review of the show, I can see why I enjoyed the programme so much.

I agree that the presenter Dr Ramirez's excitement over the artefacts and the objects was infectious. Seeing her pretty much jump up and down over 'warrior bling' from the Staffordshire Hoards was really fun. I'm usually not a big fan of early art history (my art interest lies closer to this century than the days of Anglo Saxons) but Ramirez made the works accessible. The film editing and the music also worked very well.

Anyway, I highly recommend the programme, so watch it this week while it's still on the BBC iplayer!

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