Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I Love Metric!

Location: 2012 Tour around the World 

I can't get enough of Metric. For over ten years, I've been in love with all the bands that had some relation to Broken Social Scene: this included the famous Feist, Stars and the awesome band that I'm now going to rave about, Metric.

While Feist is more folksy and Stars is more pop-like, Metric is full rock-n'-roll. They really put on a good live show, and there's not a moment where it's boring or uninteresting, even if they turn acoustic. 
If you've never heard of them, check out Black Sheep, the theme song from the indie film Scott Pilgrim, which is definitely rocked out. 

Yes, so there might be a reason why I'm biased towards all the bolded bands & films above, as they are all CANADIAN! Haha. However, I don't know anyone who has ever listened to Metric and not liked them. So there you go.

They were playing quite a lot of shows across the UK last month, and I caught their last show. They looked a bit worn out (the very sexy lead singer Emily Haines, who usually chats with the crowd comfortably, was rather silent as she just focussed on singing her heart out), but the energy was still very high, and everyone was singing along to their old anthems Help I'm Alive, Stadium Love, and Monster Hospital
They sang quite a lot from their new album too (Synthetica) and the good thing was that they released their whole album online way ahead of the tour, so lots of us were able to hum or at least bob along to the music. Their CD is really whacky - all the lyrics are printed backwards, and the case includes a mirrored sheet so that you can then 'read' the lyrics from the reflective sheet. Crazy!

If you want to hear more, listen to my Top 3 Metric songs: Empty (below), Poster of a Girl and Gimme Sympathy

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